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We believe that with becoming a mother there are big changes happening in woman’s life and home. Being responsible and selfless for your family and baby can be tiring, especially if you are a first time mom.Whether you have an amazing supportive husband or busy bee who is only available on weekends there is always something about us women that makes us care about our family first leaving ourselves for last. From our own experience as mothers we created this holiday to let you unwind, gain back the shape and strength in your body, make amazing memories with your little ones, indulge in Italian food and hospitality, meet new friends from all around the world and most importantly leave feeling relaxed. Come alone with your kids or take your sister, best friend or mother with you. We welcome all mothers with kids from 3 months old.


Last retreat this year
Elba island 22-28 September


What our guests have said about us?

Thanks to the Team for such an amazing vacation (yeah you can really call it “vacation”)!I met a lot of loving open minded and fun moms, had awesome food, great beach time and super relaxing yoga hours. For sure I can not wait to come back!
Alexandra (Germany)
I cannot recommend this retreat with Dolce Mama highly enough. The most relaxing holiday I have ever had (with children) where I got to nourish my body, mind and soul. It helped me advance my yoga practice and gain some insight into meditation practice. Every member of the Dolce Mama Team brings a unique and beautiful gift to your retreat. I am so glad my journey took me to Sansepolcro to meet these ladies, it was amazing.
Stacey (Ireland)
Ilze and her team are truly amazing. I loved spending time with them and all the wonderful women two years in a row. They make you feel welcomed and special, the treatments are great, Rita does an amazing job. Hope to come back again!
Laima (Latvia)
We had the most amazing time and for me a week in the caring hands of DolceMama team was just what the doctor ordered for first time mom of a 3 month old baby. Papas week was well planned so that fathers won’t be left aside. Oh, and did I mentioned the food?! Simply amazing. And as a bonus – there was non-alco aperol for breastfeeding mothers, a nice touch and very thoughtful.
Zane (Latvia)
Thank you girls for the amazing week in Italy. I always look forward experiencing new places and escape my comfort zone. It is intimidating and tiring to travel alone with your kid (at least I think so, had never done it before) and this was a chance to experience it without being stressed about everyday things – cleaning, preparing food, activities and so on. I got to meet women from different countries, eat Italian food (omg, more pasta, please) and the most important – I HAD TIME FOR MYSELF – I went to the beach, did yoga, tried meditation for the first time (Elena, you truly inspired me). I really did learn a lot about myself as well – especially as a new mom. 
Ieva (Greece)


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