Christening your baby. Yay or nay?

I’ve been brought up in semi religious family. My mom was a church goer once in a while, I attended Sunday school when I was little, because it gave you chance to go to summer camp and meet new friends and had lots of fun activities every other Sunday with occasional bible reading. I was christened as a child and have a vague memory of church full of people and extremely long service because it was orthodox church you couldn’t sit down. Later in life you don’t think about it until you become a parent yourself.
Sebastian came in our life and  now is our blessing and joy. I didn’t think about christening until my mom mentioned it. Then it came to me that I have seen pictures of Lorenzo (my husband) being christened when he was a baby, and it must be a big thing in Italian family, this Catholic country is built all around church traditions. So quick call to Italian grandma and with relief she says:”I was hoping you would say it one day…(about Christening)”. It’s not about how many times we are going to church but when you become a parent you would do anything to protect your child, even if it’s superstition.



Because we were going to Italy for Christmas anyways we decided to join both things. We decided to do it in the same church where Lorenzo was christened so we went to see the padre  Guseppe before christening. He was very old and walking with help but remembered Lorenzo form when he was a child and was able to name his brother and parents. Overlooking his old age and illness he was very lovely and funny. He gave us a pep talk about our roles in the family, asked about our marriage and after finding out that we got married in council not church told us we also have to get married in church. After Lorenzo’s question if he can marry us again at some point in future? He answered:”Yes but you need to hurry up! I have one year top!” Funny and little sad at the same time. When saying goodbyes the day before christening, he adds:”Tomorrow at 11:30 christening and bring me antipasti!” (starter Italians eat for lunch or dinner).


Christening day was super sunny and bright. Lorenzo’s mom had prepared little confetti bags for guests, lunch menu and drinks. I felt this was the right choice, one extra celebration in this mad world. The celebration of innocence, pureness and love. ♥

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