DolceMama’s delicious tiramisu

I decided to share this recipe with you, because I think this is one of the lightest, airiest and healthiest tiramisu’s I’ve ever had. There is no heavy cram or sugar overload. This recipe was given to me by Lorenzo’s mom. The real Italian mamma.

You can adjust this recipe based on for how many people you would like to prepare. The proportion is for every 100 grams of mascarpone cream you need 1 table spoon (a real spoon, not measure) sugar and one egg. This recipe is for 8 portions and I think it’s the perfect size, because as we know the tiramisu is much better the day after.


300 g of mascarpone cream
3 fresh organic eggs 
3 table spoons of sugar
1 table spoon of coffee liquor or alternative
1 pack of savoiardi biscuits (also called “lady fingers”)
approx. 200ml espresso coffee (or very strong brew)
grated chocolate for topping 


Start by separating egg whites from yolks in two separate bowls and then add three spoons of sugar to yolks.

Then start beating egg whites until stiff and firm, then egg yolks and sugar until creamy. To beaten egg yolks and sugar, add mascarpone cream, one table spoon of liquor and beat it again until smooth and creamy.
In the meantime put coffee to brew. When coffee is done, make sure you pour it in large plate or dish to cool fast.

In a large bowl, put beaten egg whites and mix of egg yolk, sugar, mascarpone, then fold them together from top to the bottom using a wooden spoon. Be gentle and don’t over mix it, otherwise it will become too runny.

When  the mixture is ready, you can start layering the tiramisu. Take a large dish approx. 10 x 20 cm, lightly soak savoiardi biscuits one by one in cool coffee and start putting the first layer of tiramisu. Make sure not to over soak the biscuits in coffee, otherwise tiramisu will have a strong taste of coffee. When the first layer is done, pour about the half of mixture over it and even it out with a spoon. Then build the second layer of biscuits and pour over remaining mixture and even it out. Top with some grated chocolate.

Make sure you let it rest at least for few hours in fridge before serving it. Biscuits need to absorb moisture from mascarpone and egg mixture, so it is airy and fluffy for eating. And make sure to leave some for the day after, as it will be the best!

Buon appetito!