The family of Dolce Mama grows bigger


Dear mama,

This is Ilze writing. I wanted to tell you a little bit about how I feel after the second season of Dolce Mama. In the beginning of this project I could never imagine I will meet so many amazing mamas and kids. Every one of you so beautiful and unique inside and outside. I have to confess, starting Dolce Mama I was a little bit concerned about the communication with so many people that are complete strangers to me.

I have never been too shy as a person, but to be honest the scariest moment for me is the moment everyone arrives in the villa, after the long trip, everyone is also tired. It’s such a short moment of time where so much needs to happen and it has to happen the best possible way. Introduction, offloading from the transfer bus, showing the rooms, etc. Usually everyone is tired but excited. And I am worried if everyone is ok, everyone likes their rooms, is feeling good, what do they think about the villa, the team… And the strangest thing is after 30 minutes when we sit down and have dinner everyone instantly feels like family, communication is flowing and it feels like we have been friends and family for a long time. As the week goes by, the feeling just confirms more and more, spending time with each one of you, taking care of your children, listening to your story, or just talking about life. Somehow I can’t explain the feeling but I feel so close to you and I love it!

I love how much you trust us, and how much you want to share with us. It’s a good feeling to realize it. It’s so good to see how many of you come out of your shell by the end of the week, when you look at the same person and you think – who is this pretty mama? She is smiling, happy, relaxed. This time for yourself and time with your child is the most precious time and away from reality of everyday life, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, you actually had time to yourself and quality time with your child. Then comes all the bonus things – relaxation in yoga and meditation, beauty treatments, enjoying delicious meals, exploring towns and the sun!

I’m so grateful for all the friendships I made this year with you all, and very happy for beautiful friendships other mamas have made between them. As one of you said: ‘’We are not at the age and situation when we easily make friends anymore, so this was an amazing opportunity to meet so many great women together!” I couldn’t agree more, who has time to go out and socialize to meet new people? The best bet for mamas is meeting another mom in the playground and then most likely all the conversation is going around the kids while watching kids. But mamas are so much more – we love to talk about food, fashion, art, music, travels, politics…

Please, please don’t forget that, don’t let the motherhood change the person you were before kids, just because you had your child. Bring back the painting you did before, go and see movie even if you are alone, call your other friend with child and do lunch outside with kids (messy but fun), go to a music shop and listen to all the new albums while your child sleeps in stroller, stop making excuses that you can’t do things anymore since you have a child. You will be surprised how much you can still do with them!

Is it going to be harder? Yes! Will it take more time planning? Yes! But at the end it will be so worth it!

See you next season in Sansepolcro or Elba!