What should I expect from DolceMama holiday?

DolceMama is a holiday that welcomes all mothers depending on their age, race, religious views or status. We have a very relaxed atmosphere here. There is our daily agenda with activities we offer to you, but we know that with babies our day can take an unexpected turn. Because of that we don’t want you to miss out on any activities and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We welcome children from 3 months to 5 years. If you have an older child, you can still come. We will just ask you some extra questions to prepare better the week you will come and to make sure your child is entertained here enough.

I have two or more kids, can I still come? 

Of course, you are welcome! Baby bed is free of charge and you can share the double bed with your other child or request additional single bed. For one mother occupying one room, up to two children at age from 3 months to 5 years are staying for free. However if the second child is older than 5 years, there is an extra charge of 150 Euros/1200 DKK to cover extra expenses.

What is a typical Tuscan cuisine like?

For starters a typical Tuscan kitchen includes different variations of tagliere, which is a board full of different salamis, prosciutto, cheeses. Typical salami is salsiccia di cinghiale made of wild boar from around Siena, finocchiona – salami with fennel seeds, Pecorino – sheeps milk cheese from Pienza has different variations, stracchino cheese with pastella fritta – burrata style cheese with deep fried dough sticks, polenta fritta with wild mushrooms, bruschetta with tomato and basil or fried chicken liver.
There are plenty of foods for non meat eaters like insalata di farro – salad made of spelt grains and vegetables, pappa al pomodoro – dish made of ripe tomatoes, bread and spices, caponata salad, peperonata and many more.
Then there are pasta dishes for all tastes – alla Norma – pasta with aubergines and cheese, pici e funghi – with mushrooms, ragu di cinghiale – meat sauce of wild boar, and many other dishes. We have a big barbecue here, so everything we can cook on BBQ we will!
All the meals are accompanied with local Chianti wine for red wine lovers and Vernacca di San Gimignano for white wine lovers. If you don’t drink wine, we have plenty of juices, tea and sparkling water available.

Me or my baby might be hungry between the meals, is there any food available?

Yes! You are always welcome in our kitchen and help yourself. There is always bred, jams, some cheese, biscuits, fresh and dried fruit, juices, tea, water available.

Can I share a room with my friend, sister or mother?

Yes. There is additional fee of 400 Euros/ 3000 DKK to cover all costs of extra bed, food, transfers, day trips and activities. All beds are large double. You can choose to share a bed or request additional single bed.

What’s included in the room?

You have all toiletries for you and your baby. We provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion for mothers from italian eco cosmetics company L’Erbolario and body wash/shampoo for baby from local eco cosmetics Dolci Coccole Bio. All bed linens for guests and babies, towels, nappies, wet wipes and change mats for the week. We have some hairdryers and straighteners for you to share, but you are welcome to bring your own one.

I have never tried yoga, can I still come?

Our yoga instructor is experienced and will find the right amount of exercise for you. She teaches yoga advanced level, but she will make the decision based on how many moms and at what level they are on the week. You have two hours of private one-on-one yoga lessons available during the week, book them directly with the teacher on your arrival. You can schedule them in the morning or in the afternoon, maybe while your little one is having a nap or any other suitable time. It’s on first come first serve basis. 

What about beauty treatments?

You have one beauty treatment of facial cleansing, mask and face massage (approx.30min) and relaxing back massage (approx.30min) included in retreat price. You can book your treatments on arrival or later in the week. There is also detoxifying foot bath included in the price, you can use it whenever you want. You can have it on arrival, after yoga session or any day after hike in our private forest. Some other treatments available for additional cost and you pay directly to beautician. The prices for  extra treatments vary from 20-30 Euros per session. We can accept only cash payments.

What about babysitting?

We guarantee babysitting during morning activities from 9.00-12.30 where three to four carers will look after little ones. Also during painting session, cooking lesson and your private yoga session or if you have booked any treatments in the afternoon.We try to make the mornings the most interactive for kids with singing, dancing, painting and lots of play. We have also Tee Pee tent in the garden with different toys for bigger babies and toddlers. For babies we have activity center, Natures Sway hammock and lots of baby toys. Toddler yoga can also be arranged if have more toddlers than babies. Our swimming pool is fenced, so no children can wonder in there unattended. Looking after kids happens to be in or around the villa and you can come and check your baby anytime, if your baby is unsettled and needs you we will come to you. There will be food available for your baby, however if you know there will be feeding time during the morning session you are welcome to give instructions to carers or come and feed your little one yourself. In general there will be 3-4 carers looking after all kids. The holiday have limited availability to host 7 moms at the time, so most of the time there will be 2:1 ratio.

My baby is bottle fed, will there be hot water available all the time?

There is kettle always available in the kitchen, however if you are staying in Sienese country house, there is no kitchen but we can include a kettle in your room. We have some thermoses available for water to take away too if we are on a trip. In towns there will always be hot water for you available in any coffee shop.

When we are away from villa for day trips, will there be baby food available? 

For the lunch in local winery and olive mill we will take away pre-made food in the villa. For day trips you are welcome to take some baby food packs from pantry.

If I rent my own car, can I go around at my own pace and make my own plans?

You are welcome to rent your own car and explore Tuscany in your own pace, however the activities you do not participate can not be refunded.You will have to bring your own car seat then or rent it together with a car.

What the weather will be like?

Depending on the month you come, April, May, September and October are very warm, with possible showers there and then, but the sky clears pretty fast after rain, so there is very small chance that it will be raining for long periods of time. Daytime temperatures vary from 20-25 degrees with nights around 18. June can be hotter with temperatures reaching 30 degrees during the day and 20 during the night. The property is located on a hill and that gives a nice breeze during hotter days, and surrounded by park to provide plenty of shade to escape from hot sun.

What should I pack?

Sunscreen for you and your baby. Pack some comfortable clothes, and something nicer for eating out or just dinner in the villa, just because you are on the holiday and it is a beautiful occasion. Swimming costume and sunhats for both of you. Take flipflops and sneakers. There are some nice running trails around this area. Don’t forget about any medication your baby might need while away. We have some baby paracetamol here too. There are also swimming nappies available in the villa. You have photo shoot with your baby included in the package, so take some nice outfits you would like to wear for it. Pack also an adapter for your electrical appliances if you are coming from UK, US, Canada, Australia, the rest of European countries has the same outlets. It’s good idea to pack a baby monitor if you have one, so you can enjoy more of enchanting evenings outside with other moms.

Can I bring my baby stroller?

Yes! And most of the airlines allow you to bring at least two baby items for free, e.g. baby stroller and car seat. If you are using our pick up, drop off service we have baby seats included.

Is early check-in possible?

Generally we run the retreat from Sunday to Saturday, but if your flights are Saturday to Saturday, you can still come to villa on Saturday and we will check you in. There will be no chef available to cook for you but don’t worry there still will be some food available. Let us know as much details as possible about your arrival on the booking form, so we can better accommodate your and your baby’s needs.

When I should book my flight tickets?

Only when you have made your booking with us and received a confirmation from us.

If you have more questions please email us at info@dolce-mama.com