“Imagine a week with no cooking. Delicious and nutritious meals prepared for you and your little one by our private chef. As happy as we are to accommodate allergies and dietary requirements, we encourage you to indulge in delicious variety of what Tuscany has to offer and will do our best to create unforgettable culinary experience for our mothers.”

 0065-500x500at. As one of the experiences of this holiday we want our guests to explore the local cuisine. We buy our food fresh and local. All your and your babies meals are included in the price whether we eat in or out. Here in the villa we have our private chef but we also enjoy lunch out in local winery and also in local family owned restaurant. Italian food is well known all around the world and we are confident to say it is the one of the most popular. Who doesn’t like to indulge in delicious pasta plate or gelato?

There are 20 regions in Italy and every one of them have their typical dishes and signature foods. Big part of Tuscan cuisine are cheese and meats, all kinds of them. Salami and prosciutto, pecorino and stracchino…and you almost have learned Italian! And of course all the fresh olive oil and wine produced locally. Make sure you participate in our cooking class where real Italian mamma will teach us to make various pasta dishes, tiramisu and other classics so you can continue in your own kitchen and surprise your loved ones at home. Don’t forget the wine, it’s also included. There is no denial, some days it’s the juice that keeps us going. Imagine evening: you and other moms sharing your baby stories by glass or two. And we know that can go on for a while…

Don’t be confused, we do yoga here but we also like to enjoy ourselves and eat. At the end we are in Italy!  We believe that everything needs to be in balance. The key is good ingredients. Another truth is Italian cuisine tastes as good with or without meat and we are happy to accommodate any dietary requirements and if you have any allergies please let us know on the booking form.

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta!” → Federico Fellini

printable-lowercase-alphabet-letters_373407ctivity. We do different activities here and also they are all included, but the main one is yoga. We believe in yoga, we believe it’s the best activity for new or experienced mom.Even if you have never tried yoga, don’t be scared, we teach also at beginner level and it is always a good reason to start. Every day there is a yoga class in the morning to help you get energized for the day and our amazing yoga teacher will make sure you are comfortable and challenged enough on a mat.Lessons can take place by the pool, gazebo in the park or hilltop with spectacular view. You can also book a private session with Nafesha in the afternoon and get more personalized training. It’s on first come first serve basis. Due to respect to other moms we would like to limit private sessions to two per mom and aprox. 1 hour each. We also limit the space for max 7 moms per week to provide you with the best service and undivided attention.

Other activities include day trip to nearby hilltop towns San Gimignano, Gambassi Terme or Volterra, walking trails, cooking lesson, photo shoot for you and your baby, face mask and nail polish bar, taking a nap or lounging by the pool. Other activities can be arranged on the week, like: visiting Florence, geo thermal hot spring visit, biking and many more. Don’t worry, we have baby sitting available!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.”

letter-stay in our serene location of Villa Montignoso. With around 200 days of sunshine a year it makes Tuscany a very desirable holiday location. In villa and country house we have different room types for different budgets. Treat yourself with staying in master suite, the room is super spacious with the large marble bathroom or one of our double rooms with private bathroom. There are also two separate double bedrooms with one shared bathroom for more budget option. All bedrooms are fully equipped with everything you and your baby need. In our bathrooms we include Italian ECO cosmetic brand “l’Erbolario” products for moms and locally made ECO bath care products “Dolci Coccole Bio” for your baby. We can also include a kettle for boiling water in you room if your baby is bottle fed. There are also diapers, wet wipes, change mats included for your baby in the room so you can travel light. We do have first Aid Kit here in the villa with some baby paracetamol, band aides and nappy cream, but we also suggest you to take with you all medication you might need for your baby. The closest Town Center and pharmacy is 10 km away. There are four lounge areas with plenty of playing space, dining room, large kitchen and terrace with dining table outside and garden in the front. This is where we spend most of the time. The pool is guarded by fence so the little ones can’t wonder in there by themselves and is surrounded by plenty of sun beds, towels and umbrellas. We have also free laundry facility here, so you don’t run short on little explorers clothes. Ahh..we can’t wait to show you “la dolce vita”!

ught-iron-house-letter-y-let-y-2ou! At the end of the day it all comes down to you. Yes, you are mother and wife at home but you are also woman and you need to feel like one. It’s hard, I know. Specially if you are first time mom. There are days when you realize it’s already afternoon but you are still in you pajamas and how we are waiting for our husbands day off to have a little time for ourselves. Here we always have baby sitting available during all morning activities, so you can do yoga, go for morning swim, have breakfast or just have a shower without someone knocking on a shower door. We offer also babysitting while you are getting your treatment or massage you choose, take part in painting session and paint yourself a memory picture of signature Tuscan hills. Painting have been proven to be very therapeutic and healing. We also invite you to try mandala coloring in villa, we have plenty of books and some moms swear by this method. It is alternative to meditation just more creative. Tuscany is also know as place with many natural hot springs, we don’t recommend it for small babies, but for moms the sulfurous water has been proven to be beneficial and has many health benefits.We can always plan the trip to hot springs accordingly to each mothers situation. There is baby sitting available, and if any of staff members are free, we will always gladly look after your baby anytime and send you off to relax or take advantage of our face mask and nail polish bar. I admire Italian women, they always look so good and effortless. In Italian family a woman is the center and everybody looks up to her. She is the rock of the family. But to take care of everybody else, firstly she needs to take care of herself.

“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence will make others happy.”