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My name is Ilze. Me and my family live in Copenhagen, Denmark. First time I traveled to Tuscany in 2010 and I absolutely fell in love with it. There was something magical in the scenery that takes your breath away every time you see it. The green hues of grass covered hills, sunshine, stone built villas and stunning lines of cypress trees. And the food of course, the Italian hospitality, the history and culture, and the man I fell in love with was born here. From that time, my heart belongs to Tuscany. Since then I’ve always encouraged my friends and family to travel there and experience it themselves. No wonder so many poets and artists have been inspired to their most famous works living around here. Now I’m inviting you, come and let us take care of you!
I am a mom to two wonderful boys and always coming to Italy with them I’ve been overwhelmed by humble attitude towards kids here. Kids here are everything.



Come and enjoy yourself what Italians mean by *”Dolce far niente”
*The beauty of doing nothing
As a mother I have put together this holiday for you with everything I am and was longing to do myself while on maternity leave and beyond. I took my experience and put it in handpicking a safe, serene location in hills, gentle yet effective exercise to help you strengthen your body, beauty treatments, babysitting, exploring local culture and towns, indulge in local cuisine and wine and meet like-minded mothers to share your experiences or just talk about your babies. We know we can do that for a while. We should never stop ourselves from doing what we love after having kids. Travelling with kids is challenging but oh, so rewarding!


Meet Elena


Elena is native of Siena, Tuscany. Have lived for some time in Namibia. She speaks very good English and teaches also in English and Italian. She is a teacher of yoga in many studious around Siena city, and has experience teaching in various yoga retreats. She will take you on a journey to reconnect and empower the feminine divine energy. Elena is also very humble person and very interesting to talk to. Just grab a cup of tea and ask her some questions, you will see it for yourself.




 “As mothers your body has, and continues to, endure a lot. It deserves a bit more attention now than ever before. Yoga is an ancient practice used to enhance the performance of the mind and body. It is used as a tool to learn how to control the mind through physical movements. Yoga is not only great for your mental well being but it also has endless advantages to your body. There are numerous proven medical benefits, which include; increase in brain activity, increase motion in joints, improves posture (especially after carrying a child), increases muscle strength and energy levels, while toning the body, improves sleep, stabilizes and reduces weight, can help lower blood pressure (many mothers suffer from increased blood pressure after giving birth), decreased stress levels, helps ease migraines, and improves digestion and balances metabolism. Although being a new mom takes up most of your time it is incredibly important to get involved in some sort of physical activity. Yoga is a great way to get your body healthy again that is gentle enough for your body yet challenging and energizing.”


 Meet Anete

37641029_2070355859891877_4206141934890123264_nHere in Dolce Mama you will see Anete everywhere. She takes care of chidren’s entertainment program in the morning and also organizes additional activities for mamas, like wine tasting, visit to Acqua dell Elba, lunch in restaurant, etc.

If you are looking for more things to do than in our program, feel free to ask her!
She has been part of Dolce Mama from beginning and always a big hit between kids. They just fall in love with her!





“Having quite stressful lifestyle I was once introduced to yoga and I have to say it was the best decision I ever made. It calms me and helps me concentrate so I can look at things with fresh perspective.
I love Italian food and culture, and there is so much to see! DolceMama is exciting holiday and I’m very happy to be part of it. When providing moms with holiday options, we try to understand every mothers’ lifestyle, preferences, needs and assure them that  they and their babies are in good hands. The locations of this holiday are amazing, I just love Tuscany, it’s my favorite holiday destination.”

Meet Rita


Our certified beautician.
All the treatments are performed with local Eco hypoallergenic products. All massages are performed with freshly pressed virgin olive oil. We handpicked our brands to provide you with the real Italian beauty
experience. From high quality Eco cosmetics for your face, to olive oil and rosemary bath for your feet. Indulge in relaxing back massage, facial cleansing or chocolate massage (yes we offer chocolate massage!) .You can book your treatments on arrival, directly with her or later in the week.




“Every woman loves to be pampered and special, whether it’s facial treatment or massage. The feeling of someone taking care of us makes us feel special . And it’s the key to happiness.”

We have also team of cook,  cleaner, babysitters and other local people that will take very good care of you.